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2009 Timpte Super Hopper 42’ x 78” x 96”

By Taylor Harvey

Here’s a very nice 2009 model Timpte for sale.  It has nice specs incl airride, split tubs, 2 speed traps, perm mount vibrators, extra vibrator brackets, manual doors and tarp, 2 rows of 3 lights, 4 steel/4 alum wheels with low pro 24.5 tires.  Call 901-398-0133 for more details.

2023 Wilson Pace Setter

By Taylor Harvey

This 2023 Wilson Pace Setter is coming in on trade mid July.  It is very nicely equipped and in perfect condition.  It features an air ride suspension, white nose and sides, stainless corners and rear, 2 rows of 5 LED lights, manual tarp and doors and alum wheels.  Call 901-398-0133 for more info.  

Timpte Equipment Trailer

By Taylor Harvey

These new 2024 Timpte Equipment Trailers are offered in eight different models depending on customer need.  They are excellent for hauling cars, lawn equipment, or any off-road vehicles.  The enhanced innovation makes each custom model fit your specific need. All trailers feature a four degree approach angle with varying specs for deck height, suspension, brakes, … Continued